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Cybernet Manufacturing Inc.

Cybernet is the pioneer in all-in-one computing technology. Founded in 1996, our focus has remained the same: to provide high-performance, space saving computing solutions, customized to fit all unique environments and computing needs. Throughout the years, we have maintained that focus to provide consistent quality, reliability, and the best personalized support in the all-in-one computing business.

Cybernet design and manufacture all-in-one computers, box PCs, and tablets for three primary markets: health care, industrial/manufacturing, and enterprise. Our product lines include medical panel PCs, medical tablets, & medical grade monitors that can be used in sterile environments, industrial grade all-in-ones, rugged tablets, and mini rugged PCs, as well as enterprise level all-in-one desktop solutions. All of our products are green, energy-saving, and easy to install and maintain, saving energy and lower ownership cost. As technology and computer components evolve over time, Cybernet continues to develop innovative computing solutions that deliver the power and performance expected of the fastest technology, while minimizing the physical footprint. Cybernet maintain exceptional product line continuity in the all-in-one technology space because that is our central focus.
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