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Seal Shield

Founded in 2006, Seal Shield is the inventor of the world’s first dishwasher-safe keyboard and mouse. Today, Seal Shield is the world leader in innovation, development, and manufacturing of industrial-grade solutions, including waterproof keyboards and mice, UV resistant multilayer screen protectors, advanced polymer materials, and UV-C Sanitization Systems for portable devices & equipment.

Seal Shield’s products are available in thirty different languages and recognized worldwide for their high quality and uniquely ruggedized construction. Seal Shield has numerous U.S. and international patents that protect our novel product designs. The company’s extensive global distribution network makes Seal Shield’s manufactured products easy to source and readily available with just-in-time delivery.

Seal Shield has product applications in health care, food service, hospitality, education, libraries, heavy industry, construction, call centers, and other multi-user environments.

Seal Shield is headquartered in Orlando, FL, with warehousing and production facilities in Jacksonville, FL.
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