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Apexa iQ

Clean asset data for better decisions and a provable reduction of risk.

ApexaiQ® is a SaaS based, agentless, and continuous asset assurance platform that empowers you with the confidence to make better data driven decisions and take automated action to reduce your risk.     

The ApexaiQ® platform provides near real-time asset data for better reporting and a provable reduction of risk.     

Apexa’s asset data is deduplicated, prioritized, and enriched to include obsolescence, warranty, vulnerability, and compliance information in a single dashboard measured with your ApexaiQ® risk score. 

Learn more at apexaiq.com.

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Product Details

Provable Risk Reduction at Scale

Gain visibility into all your assets including rogue, shadow IT, and orphaned assets

ApexaiQ® enriches every asset by giving you clean, actionable data including hardware, software, OS, vulnerabilities, and maintenance and warranty statuses

Assess your overall technology risk by viewing security gaps and setting benchmarks using all of the data points

Take action to uphold benchmarks with the use of automation for ticketing, APIs, alerts, and tagging of assets

The ApexaiQ® platform provides near real-time data for a reduction of technical debt.


Prioritize data at the source, discover 30% more assets and get 80% more data

Choose the most relevant data sources based on your internal policies and industry standards.

Create configurable rules to automate the manual work in your asset management process and your technology landscape

Query for comprehensive analysis of your assets in a single score on a unified dashboard with near real-time reporting

Leverage ApexaiQ®’s extended data to manage end of life/support, warranties and maintenance contracts, vulnerabilities and compliance standards to be better positioned to maximize your technology spend.

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