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ControlUp Remote DX

Deliver a great digital employee experience with ControlUp Remote DX

ControlUp Remote DX extends IT visibility into the digital employee experience of work-from-anywhere workers for EUC environments.

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Product Details

Designed for employees that use Citrix, VMware Horizon or Microsoft Azure virtual desktops and applications, ControlUp Remote DX collects relevant user-side telemetry that affects their Digital Employee Experience, such as the quality and speed of the Wi-Fi connection, as well as the performance of their internet connection.


Made for the work-from-anywhere era
ControlUp Remote DX collects relevant remote user-side data in EUC environments, such as the quality and speed of Wi-Fi connections and Internet connectivity performance. Designed for the work-from-anywhere era, ControlUp collects performance metrics from external client devices running IGEL OS-based endpoint without needing a direct network connection from a data center.

Quickly Identify Digital Experience Issues
The Client Device Score measures how healthy a remote user’s device is during their EUC session. This score is displayed to help identify users who may experience issues with their digital experience and productivity due to device problems.

Unique metric collection architecture
Built upon Citrix DaaS HDX, VMware Horizon Blast, PCoIP, and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop remoting protocols, Remote DX creates a dedicated virtual channel to send metrics from the employee’s client device to the server-side ControlUp agent.

Ideal for remote employees using BYOD
The lightweight ControlUp Remote DX client is installed by the user, providing client-side experience visibility by only transmitting EUC data to the datacenter.

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