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DriveLock Zero Trust Platform

We bring Zero Trust to the endpoint

DriveLock brings Zero Trust to the endpoint. The fully integrated Zero Trust Platform supports a broad range of operating systems, endpoint devices, and is offered as an on-premise solution and managed security service.

It combines the elements Data Protection, Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Detection & Response and Identity & Access Management and develop a reliable prevention mechanism for its clients’ cyber security.

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Product Details

DriveLock cloud-based solutions offer multi-layered security, which are simple, immediately available and economically efficient with low investment costs. 

The DriveLock Device Control and Application Control solutions are Common Criteria EAL3+certified. This internationally recognised certification attests to the high trustworthiness and security standard of the DriveLock Agent 2019.2 based on a specified set of configurations.

DriveLockis Made in Germany and “without a Backdoor”.


Device Control from DriveLock:

Data medium control and data flow control (only authorised use of external media such as USB sticks). Forced encryption of the data written to the external data carrier is also possible.DriveLock also supports full auditing of external media usage and logging of data flow, including shadow copies. 

Encryption from DriveLock:

Transparent and fast hard disk encryption, reliable directory and file encryption, encryption of removable media such as USB sticks, CD/DVD or mobile hard disks

Application Control from DriveLock:

Application control with intelligent whitelisting, i.e. a positive list of permissible software applications that can be dynamically expanded.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR):

Detection and forecasting of security incidents, incident response and remediation, endpoint monitoring 

DriveLock Analytics & Forensics:

Monitoring: Logging and detection of security-relevant events, with transparency: extensive reporting and analysis of the security level of the system environment 

Security Education from DriveLock:

IT security training and sensitisation of employees. Creation of security awareness to protect against fake emails or phishing attacks. 

Native Security Management from DriveLock:

DriveLock simplifies and centralises the configuration of the most important protection functions anchored in the operating system. DriveLock enriches behavioural analysis with event data collected by the operating system to create a compliance overview.

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