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Enhanced for the most demanding workloads, with 24/7 reliability

The DX1600 supports the most demanding workloads,

offering a powerful AMD Ryzen embedded core processor, high frame rate 4k/UHD

graphics capabilities with support for 4x 4k displays at 60Hz

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Product Details

The DX1600 support for 4x 4k displays at 60Hz, plus support for

two network connections. Intended for industries that will require high level

processing power, the innovative design allows passive cooling, ensuring

24/7×365 uptime while also removing mechanical failure associated with fan

cooling. The DX1600 benefits from our proven secure solution of enterprise level

security, ensuring data remains secure in the data center rather than

vulnerable on end point devices


  • HIgh performace client, passively cooled
  • BHoth SFP and RJ45 network ports 

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