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Evidian Enterprise Access Management

Secure and simplify access from anywhere

Evidian Enterprise Access Management is a modular solution, tailored to your needs. Each module offers a set of features answering targeted business problematics

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Product Details

Enterprise Access Management provides you with:

• Reinforced security during workstation access, especially with the integration of several strong authentication methods,

• Increased productivity of the employees that do not lose time by authenticating 10 times a day, that are not stuck by a forgotten password anymore.

• The guarantee that end-users access only authorized applications,

• A traceability of user access to enterprise sessions and applications.

• A central administration tool


Evidian Authentication Manager adapts the use of strong authentication (MFA – Multi-factor authentication) to the professional constraints of users. It secures access to workstations and servers in any situation and cover all authentication scenarios for all types of user profiles. A module is also available for Linux based thin client.

Enterprise SSO is a password management software. It allows Information System users to authenticate only once for the duration of their session, regardless of the number of applications that require authentication.

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) offers several intuitive procedures to securely allow end-users to reset their Windows password from their web portal, their workstation or their mobile.

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