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Explosion proof HMI solutions for indoor environments – ORCA (NEW)

HMI Operator Stations and Panel Mount - ORCA

New ORCA HMI devices for flexible application in Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as Class I Div 2

The increasing digitalisation and integration of production processes is generating a host of information that needs to be available in the field and thus also in hazardous areas. This information includes system status, maintenance intervals and MES-relevant data. To meet this requirement, R. STAHL is launching the fully modular ORCA HMI operator stations. System operators in the process industry are given a much better overview of the many types of process information generated by the system. In addition to the 22” operator station the new ORCA device platform includes a panel-mount device with three different display sizes (12", 15" and 22") for easy integration into the machine.

The latest ORCA HMI generation features the cordless EasyConnect click-fit system. The electronic box (E-Box) and the display box (D-Box) are two separate modules which are connected via a click-fit system, making them easy to combine as required.This modular concept turns the ORCA into something more than an HMI: a technological system with replacements, upgrades and easy maintenance possible for at least the next 15 years. 

The new ORCA platform has been developed for process and machine operation in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, biotech and life science industries. The modular operator stations and panel-mount devices are the perfect solution for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as for Class I & II, Division 2 and Class III . Globally certified and on request even suitable for Class I, Division 1.

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EasyConnect click-fit system
In just a few steps, the electronic box (E-Box) with PC or Thin Client can be detached from the display box (D-Box) with the multi-touch screen, without having to disconnect any cables.The EasyConnect click-fit system makes the combination and replacement of modules a simple task. Where in the past a whole new system would have been needed to increase processing speed, the new EasyConnect concept means that a new E-Box with a quicker CPU will do the trick.This ensures the continuity, longevity and investment security of the ORCA operating system.

Future-proof investment
R. STAHL guarantees the availability of the modular ORCA system for the next 15 years, so in the space of that time you can adapt an ORCA HMI to keep up with technical progress, or reconfigure it to meet different requirements. Be it a new display, a new CPU or a different enclosure – no problem at all. This saves both time and money, and is also more sustainable.

Cybersecurity and RFID access
Increasing digitalisation entails an increasing risk of cyber attacks. Consequently, cyber security is as important to us as explosion protection. That’s why each ORCA HMI operator station is a closed system with industrial-grade security, supporting all common standards such as UEFI Secure Boot or SSD write-protection. It can also can be seamlessly integrated into customer-specific security concepts.In addition, ORCA operator stations as well as the 22″ panel mount can be fitted with contactless RFID/NFC readers. On this basis, it is possible to implement fast and comfortable user authentications and electronic signatures.


  • Smart Design
  • Modular Concept
  • Globally Certified
  • Service and Extended Service Agreements
  • Secure Connection
  • Multi-Touchscreens – Extremly Rugged and Long-Life
  • GMP and Cleanroom compliant 
  • Sustainable Design 
  • Compatibility with EAGLE and MANTA HMI Generations 

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