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Imprivata Enterprise Access Management

Deliver fast, secure access to on-prem and cloud apps and desktops

Imprivata has a strong understanding of IT security requirements and offers a broad portfolio of advanced solutions that have been successfully deployed worldwide. Imprivata Enterprise Access Management provides secure and convenient access to mobile, cloud, and on-premises applications, including old legacy applications that are difficult to enable. By improving manual, time-intensive login workflows, users can focus on doing their job instead of struggling with technology. With over 8 million users leveraging Imprivata Enterprise Access Management as their preferred solution for single sign-on and virtual desktop access, Imprivata is the recognized leader in digital identity for companies of all sizes in all industries.

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Product Details

Imprivata Enterprise Access Management enables organizations to
leverage the full benefits of their technology
investments by building transparent, seamless, and convenient security into user workflows,
backed by seamless integrations with IT systems and applications. By removing barriers that
frustrates users and causes friction – like repetitive manual logins and having to remember long,
complex passwords – Imprivata Enterprise Access Management saves users valuable time and increases satisfaction. In
summary, Imprivata Enterprise Access Management:

-Streamlines user workflows by delivering No Click Access® to on-premises, mobile, and cloud
applications. With just a tap of their building access card or swipe of their fingerprint, users
are instantly logged in to their personal device, shared desktop, or shared mobile device.
Users are automatically signed in to any profiled application – without ever having to type in
their username or password.

– Protects data and helps organizations meet compliance and cyber insurance requirements by
preventing credential sharing, securing data on unattended workstations, and enabling easier
and more thorough auditing and reporting of workstation and application access. 

-Simplifies the ability to enforce multifactor authentication without placing a burden on the end
user to need to remember multiple, long, complex usernames and passwords.


Secure access management
Simultaneously improve security and user productivity

Single sign-on
Enable SSO to mitigate password fatigue

Virtual desktop access
Integrate with VDI and thin- and zero-clients

Self-service password reset
Lower password-related IT costs and administrative burden

Fast user switching
Eliminate the need for generic logins on shared workstationsSSO for legacy and web appsEnable easy access to all your apps, from any device

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