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The Enterprise Browser

Island, the Enterprise Browser, is a Chromium-based web browser with advanced security protections, access controls, data protection, and visibility. The Enterprise Browser runs natively on IGEL endpoints to provide unmatched performance and a familiar user experience. All settings and policy controls are managed through the Island Management Console and synchronized with the browser for local enforcement. Island is the ideal enterprise workspace for SaaS, web, or internal applications.

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Product Details

Island, the Enterprise Browser, starts with the Chromium rendering engine. This ensures 100% compatibility with web applications and a familiar look and feel for users. Island adds unique capabilities that address the needs of enterprise IT and security, along with end-user features that improve productivity and performance. Everything is centrally managed from the cloud management console to provide efficient administration.

Application Access  
Island creates a managed workspace for SaaS, web, and internal applications. Island integrates with identity providers to enable SSO access and offers integrated zero trust network access to enable private or internal application access without requiring any additional software. Critical application activities within the browser can be logged and audited with full context of user, application, and actions performed.

Advanced Security
Island is designed with enterprise security controls and data protection. This includes native protections against malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other web based threats. Data protections use application boundaries and last-mile controls to secure sensitive information without compromising the user experience.

User Productivity 
Island creates a workspace that’s optimized for productivity. Users get quick access to all of their applications within the high performance Enterprise Browser. Integrated utilities like Smart Clipboard, AI Assistant, and Password Manager help to speed up common tasks.


Use Case Examples 
The Enterprise Browser is valuable for many use cases. Any business process that relies on SaaS or web applications will benefit from the access controls, security protections, and productivity gains delivered by Island. Below are several common examples.

Contact Centers 
Operating a contact center, whether internal or through a BPO, requires efficient operations and robust data security. IGEL paired with Island offers the ideal workspace for contact centers with data protections, access controls, and audit logging. Contact center staff enjoy a fast and familiar user experience with productivity boosting features.

Financial Services 
Staff in the financial services industry need access to internal and external applications that may contain highly sensitive information. Island offers both user convenience and robust security to keep sensitive data secure and ensure only authorized users have access.

Healthcare organizations must accommodate many different usage models while protecting sensitive patient data. Island offers maximum flexibility, with support for IGEL workstations, mobile devices or tablets, and traditional laptop or desktop computers.

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