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Leostream Platform

Build a better way to manage hybrid work

The Leostream Platform is a vendor-neutral desktop connection management and remote access platform that equips IT teams across all industries with a flexible and secure platform for building VDI, DaaS, and hosted desktop environments. Organizations leverage the Leostream Platform to ensure zero trust and provide delegated access to hosted desktops. The Leostream Platform simplifies IT by providing a single management portal where IT can control and monitor access to desktops across all hosting platforms and ensures a seamless end-user experience by being the one portal where end users login, no matter what resource they require and where it is hosted.

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Product Details

The Leostream platform is the industry-leading solution for remote access and desktop connection management and includes the Leostream Connect software client, which is certified to install on IGEL OS. Unlike other connection management solutions that focus on the silo of resources specific to that vendor, Leostream provides IT with a single pane-of-glass for managing hybrid resources and defining access control rules that indicate which authenticated users have access to which resources. Similarly, Leostream gives users one seamless login portal to connect to anything from anywhere.

At the heart of the Leostream Platform is the Connection Broker. It allows organizations to manage cloud, virtual, and physical desktops, launch desktop connections using a variety of commodity and high-performance display protocols, and support any guest operating system on the hosted desktop, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Leostream’s unique vendor-neutral approach allows organizations to build a hybrid work environment with remote and on-premises resources that most closely matches their users’ needs, with the ability to mix and transition between technologies as required to satisfy every use case.

The Connection Broker can be used alone in an air-gapped or on-premises environment, or it can be combined with the Leostream Gateway. The Leostream Gateway is the key for remote access and obsoletes the need for expensive, complicated, and performance degrading VPNs. The unique architecture of the Leostream Platform enables organizations to use multiple Leostream Gateways across their hybrid cloud environment, all managed by the same Connection Broker cluster, to ensure users can always connect to the most appropriate resource from a single login.

In addition to providing IT with flexible control over end-user access to hybrid hosted desktops, Leostream provides critical Day 2 operations functionality, such as audit-level logging of end-user events and single-pane-of-glass management of hybrid hosted resources. The combination of simplicity for end-user access and IT management makes the Leostream Platform a critical piece in any hybrid cloud or on-premises hosted desktop environment.


  • Own your stack – Host your Leostream Platform in your environment so you maintain control, security, and configuration of your environment
  • Support hybrid initiatives – Choose the cloud and/or on-premises solution that works best for your workflows
  • Control costs – Configure Leostream pools, plans, and policies to automate capacity and power state in the cloud to optimize cloud costs
  • Increase productivity – Leverage Leostream features such as Backup Pools to ensure users always have access to an appropriate resource
  • Remain organized – Allow IT to better utilize their time by automating tasks and accessing a single portal to monitor and manage hybrid resources
  • Secure resources and data – Use access control rules and MFA to maintain complete control of hosted resources
  • Track everything – Monitor audit-level logs to track access and usage, and view real-time dashboards to glimpse current usage information

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