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All-IN-One PC

A combined PC and monitor, with a Scandinavian design to save space and cut down on cables. It’s a compact computer designed for professional use with high-performance options as well as a curved design that is very appealing.

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Product Details

A professional all-in-one PC with a stylish designThis screen is ideal for managing a cash register in a store or for managing reservations in a hotel or restaurant. The aesthetics are perfect for integrating elegantly into any environment and where the computer will be contact with customers.Maintaining this PC is simple as you can replace its parts easily with access through the back of the screen. You can also swap out or add a 2.5″ SSD hard drive to increase storage space. Everything has been made modular to help you manage any potential updates to this PC yourself.
The built-in high-resolution folding camera enables you to join in with video conference meetings with high-detail images. This camera also has a sensor to adjust the brightness automatically.
Despite its size, the Loop has multiple connections, including 2 HDMI ports, so you can connect 2 screens simultaneously. You will be able to plug in a TV hub, a video game console or, if the size of your screen is not enough, an overhead projector.
Its 16:9 screen is 23.8 inches across (and about 60 cm measured diagonally) and is Full-HD LED-Backlit for more visual comfort. The 3 surrounds (left, top, right) around the screen create a borderless effect, for a minimalist design that will enable you enjoy to minimal separation between the 2 if you have a second screen.


The Loop is a professional tool that is ideal for office use. It is easy to use, yet has remarkable performance and versatility. It’s a computer designed to meet professional needs but which is also perfect for home use.

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