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Nerdio Manager for Enterprise

Deployment, management, autoscaling platform for AVD and Cloud PC

Nerdio Manager for Enterprise (NME) allows IT Professionals and System Integrators to deploy, manage and autoscale large AVD & Windows 365 Cloud PC desktop environments in the Enterprise. Nerdio Manager can be connected to an existing setup or used to stand up a brand-new deployment.


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Product Details

Operationalize large AVD & Cloud PC deployments through a powerful and intuitive UI used by engineering and help desk staff to deploy the environment and provide ongoing user management.  Capabilities like desktop images, performance monitoring, and user session control eliminate the need for complex scripting and speed up response to end-users.

Reduce Azure costs with schedule and event-driven autoscaling and speed deployment with a guided setup wizard reducing engineering workload.  Azure compute and storage costs can be reduced by up to 75% and deployment time from weeks to hours. Additional savings result from consolidating user management and monitoring tools and eliminating third-party apps.

Reinforce existing security policies, compliance, and address data residency concerns.  Nerdio Manager for Enterprise is deployed as an all-PaaS, secure Azure application inside a customer’s own subscription in a geographic location of their choice.  No user data ever leaves the Azure environment and there is no third-party access to the deployment.


– Nerdio Manager for Enterprise automatically matches size of infrastructure to real-time user demand with multiple powerful, but easy-to-use auto-scale algorithms.
– Auto-scaling performs both VM power management and provisions/deletes resources on demand.
– Single-user, non-persistent VDI auto-scaling provides each user with their own desktop without permanently assigning a dedicated VM
– Personal, persistent desktops can be powered on when users start their work and powered off automatically when they are done for the day.
– Control aggressiveness of auto-scaling to balance cost savings with end-user experience.
– Comprehensive auto-scale visualizations to understand and optimize

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