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Net iD Client

The client software Pointsharp Net iD Client is the ultimate advanced PKI-client on the market.

Net iD Client is an enterprise PKI client that protects users with secure and inviolable authentication. It integrates several handy features, smart cards, and other tokens for use into all certificate based security solutions. Using the client, sign, and authenticate on all platforms and system environments is possible.  

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Product Details

An advanced PKI client to be used with smart cards, USB-tokens, virtual smart cards, or other holders of private keys and certificates.
A toolbox that helps other applications to provide security functionality using private keys and certificates.
Stand-alone functionality that also can be provided as extensions to existing applications, referred to as components.

Having Net iD Client as the only authorization solution adds flexibility to the organization as the certificates used are fully applicable to a wide range of access tokens. The software also includes advanced security functions that significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Pointsharp delivers a comprehensive solution in terms of user friendliness, local presence, on-premises or cloud solution, and compliance with regulatory demands on all Level of Assurance levels (LoA)


Single Sign-On
For all target systems that supports authentication and login based on certificates it is possible and convenient to just state the PIN code once and get access to all systems, features and web sites for which the user has authorization.

Automated processes
It is possible to define actions for the system to perform whenever the user logs in or leaves the workstation.

Virtual channel
Our virtual channel, available for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft RDS. The virtual channel speeds up the login and allows real single sign-on. This means that only one PIN-code is sufficient to access all systems with single sign-on, regardless of authentication method.

Support for various smart cards and security keys
Pointsharp have a close cooperation with the card vendors on the market. Continuously, we introduce support for new releases of various brands of smart cards

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