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PALMKI: your hand is the most secure key. It is a user-friendly biometric identity verification technology.

Palmki™ is a digital key that uses the vein pattern in
your hand palm to verify your identity. It is a
user-friendly biometric identity verification technology 
giving access to locations, machines, data, time
registration, payments, etc.

This advanced, vascular pattern recognition technology
provides highly reliable authentication.
The PalmSecure technology has a false acceptance rate
below 0.00001% with an exceptional false rejection rate 
of 1 percent, all in a small form factor that generates
extremely fast authentication, usually under one second.

Keep it simple
A registration unit, our software, and our Palmki
sensor: that’s all you need to install the Palmki hand
palm recognition technology.
An intricate model of your Vein structure consisting
of more than 5 million reference points gets recorded.
After the registration, the scan of the hand palm vein
structure is hash-coded. The data containing your
biometric palm and the patterns of your veins is
transformed into a cryptographic hash-code. This
means that it is impossible to decode your biometric
information for any external parties.  That way your biometric
data is stored safely.
Once this is done, users just need to present their
hand. The Palmki software will perform a biometric recognition of the hand by matching it with the saved hash-code. When matched, access is granted.

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Product Details

Palmki has countless custom biometric access control systems and applications
for almost all sectors, be it in housing concepts, data centers, pharma, telecom,
hospitality, heavy industries, logistics or more.
Every successful biometric access control system installation is based on a
high-quality sensor.
Palmki technology is an award-winning biometric authentication technology.
Our palm vein-based authentication solution utilizes industry-leading vascular
pattern biometric technology.The Palmki sensor uses near-infrared light to
capture a person’s palm vein pattern, generating a unique biometric pattern
that is immediately encrypted in the sensor before transmission.
At Palmki it all started with a touchless Palm Vein registration Module and an
Infrared sensor. Today our devices feature touchless tailor made 3D housing,
quality and user intuitive design for inside and outside solutions.
And there is more to come.

Palmki is a Belgian Tech company and a leading biometric technology and
solution provider in Access Control and Time & Attendance in Europe.
With Palmki it becomes possible to use a hand scan as a payment system or
as a biometric authentication system to access copiers and other hardware.
And moreover, any kind of automation flow that needs some kind of
registration or authentication can be tackled.
Our products and solutions are designed to suit the needs of enterprises of 
any size or industry.
For our resellers and integrators, we act as a biometric one-stop shop


High level security
Comfort & User friendliness
Hygenic because contactless
Environment friendly: no plastics or raw materials for
accessoiries needed.

Our DNA: Flexible & Personalized
The Palmki biometric identity verification machine is
plug and play and ready to use.
But, at Palmki, we believe in offering a perfect match
with your needs.
Our flexible and personalized approach guarantees
Palmki is the best biometric system for your company.
Our hardware and software does not need to replace
your current procedure; we can build on top of the
access control system you are using right now. 
It’s the Palmki way to deliver an easy, secure, and
personalized biometric solution in a high-quality

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