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Rangee RT-601-Igel

Igel Ready Rangee Endpoint

Timeless impressive

The Rangee RT-601 thin client fulfills wishes. Already at the glance of the metal housing in modern industrial look you can guess the stability and elegance of this unique solution. This is paired with outstanding hardware performance. IgelOS is prepared for Hybrid Work. Let yourself be surprised by the performance of video conferencing, and other multimedia applications.

RT-601, The future begins today.

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Product Details

processor    Intel J6412 Quad Core 2,0 up to 2,6 GHz
RAM            4GB S0 DIMM DDR4 RAM
Flash           120 GB SATA Flash

max. resolution    2x 4096×2160 @60 Hz
Video Memory      up to 1GB UMA Rahmenpuffergröße
Video connector  1x DP, 1x HDMI

Connector     1x Audio-Out, 1x Audio-In

USB             4 x USB 3.0; 2 x USB 2.0;
COM           1xCOM
Ethernet     2x 10/100/1000 Mbit LAN RJ/45 Ethernet
Wifi             interal wifi with 2 external Antenna optional
                    Support for USB Wifi

Power suply external 12V / 5A
                     Power input 110-220V
                     12 Watt power consumption (idle)

Warranty      3 years bring-in
                     incl. exchange in advance within first month from invoice date ab Kauf
                     extendable up to 5 years
VESA            optional

operating system                IGEL-OS Linux (preinstalled)
Remote Management     IGEL UMS (optional)
no licenses included!

 (BxHxT)         42 x 153 x 201 mm
weight         1,2 kg
cooling         fanless, convection
operating temperature 5° to 60°C, non-condensing


Product Features:

– Serial Port (COM)
– metal housing
– Best-in-Class performance (>3900 points at CPU benchmark)
– 2,0 GHz base frequency to fullfill MS Teams hardwarerequirements, z.B. Teamsoptimisation in Citrix and local apps.

Use Cases:

– POS terminal (with cash drawer via serial port and two monitors)
– Office terminal with Vesa Mout or WIfi
– Rough produktion environment

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