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Virtual Infrastructure Platform

The Digital Transformation Solution

ComputerVault Virtual Infrastructure Platform delivers

Virtual Desktops
Virtual Servers

Standard in every deployment is a Zero Trust Security framework with advanced cybersecurity features.

Developed over the last 10 years, ComputerVault is a proprietary product. The platform does not license any 3rd party software and is not a clone of any competing market products.

Deployed on-premises, and never in a public cloud, ComputerVault is hosted at a customer’s site, or a colocation facility/datacenter with dedicated infrastructure.

Delivered as a managed service, the software license includes deployment and ongoing remote software administration, eliminating the need for the customer to hire/train software administrators.

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Product Details

Virtual Desktops
The exceptional performance of ComputerVault Virtual Desktops permits the full realization of the advantages of virtual desktops over physical devices in cybersecurity, data protection and support costs. ComputerVault Virtual Desktops are the primary computing device for end-users in any size organization.

Virtual Servers
Infinitely scalable High Performance ComputerVault Virtual Application Servers meet the most demanding needs of any organization.

ComputerVault’s advanced cybersecurity features reduce the likelihood of malware and ransomware infections and susceptibility to phishing attacks. ComputerVault augments the existing security posture without having to Rip ‘n Replace.


Technical Support
All the following services are included in the annual software license; ComputerVault Rapid Deployment Capability, ComputerVault NOC Single Point Management, 24×7 Software Administration, 24×7 Monitoring & Alerting, 24×7 Software Support and a 24×7 Helpdesk. There are no additional charges for patching, upgrades, and ComputerVault’s Full and Incremental onsite and offsite Backup and Restore functionality. Certified ComputerVault Engineers provide these services from the ComputerVault Network Operations Center. Management for both the Virtual Desktops and Virtual Servers is exactly the same as with physical servers and PCs. ComputerVault Virtual Desktops and Virtual Servers require no training for either a customer’s IT staff or service provider.

Annual Seat License
ComputerVault is deployed as a Fixed Price Managed Service with an annual software license. The annual software license is based on the number of virtual machines deployed, i.e., desktops, servers, and IoT edge servers. As an On-premises Virtual Infrastructure Managed Service, ComputerVault provides the outsource support advantages of public clouds, without the risk of exposing data to third-parties. Unlike public clouds that utilize consumption-based pricing and other competing on-premises solutions that license based on CPU utilization, there are no cost escalations.

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