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Contextual Security - The only way to protect your digital workspace

deviceTRUST brings together all the information and control needed to protect your digital workspace whilst allowing the modern access your users demand.

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Always up-to-date contextual information describing the user, the device and their environment, brought together to where it’s needed.


Control real-time access to digital workspaces and their resources, independent of the platform.

Digital Workspace

Secure digital workspace to protect your business, keep the users productive and support your Zero-Trust strategy.


With users working from any device and any locationup-to-date all the contextual information:, a secure workspace is only possible by bringing together and keeping up-to-date all the contextual information: 

– User information whether local or remote
– Device information whether local or remote
– External data sources

A powerful set of real-time actions ensures that the digital workspace is always secure:

– Conditional Access
– Conditional Application Access
– Conditional Configuration

By bringing together the rich set of contextual information with a powerful set of real-time actions smart decisions can be made to secure the digital workspace and enabling:

– Working from everywhere
– Allow access for external partners
– BYOD scenarios
– Reducing IT management and infrastructure costs

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