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Goliath Performance Monitor

Purpose-Built for Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Goliath Performance Monitor (GPM) is a purpose-built solution with embedded intelligence and automation to enable IT professionals to anticipate, troubleshoot, and document end-user experience issues regardless of where IT workloads or users are located.

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Product Details

Goliath Performance Monitor provides IT teams an end-to-end view across the end-user experience, the IT delivery infrastructure (includes Citrix and/or VMware Horizon) and, if in healthcare, associated EHR applications (Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Allscripts). This view includes granular metrics that help IT quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues in hours, not days. Goliath provides objective evidence, in the form of screenshots, reports and analytics so IT teams can effectively diagnose root cause and resolve quickly all while driving collaboration across with management, cross-departmental counterparts, and vendors.



  • Holistic view and correlation of insights combining end-user experience, Citrix or VMware Horizon delivery infrastructure and application (i.e. EHR) metrics all within a single view.
  • Proactive proof of Citrix or VMware Horizon availability with automated end-user logons from key locations to confirm all aspects of the delivery infrastructure and applications are available and performing as expected.
  • Pre-emptive, threshold-based alerting to monitor common failure points and alert if any of those points exceed a performance threshold.


  • End-to-end view of end-user experience metrics across end-user endpoints, behaviors, internet connections, storage, hypervisor host, virtualized desktop and applications, printers, VMs
  • Automatic dependency map of end-to-end Citrix infrastructure providing visibility into overall infrastructure health.
  • Historical session data is stored to easily identify when something changed and how it impacted the overall digital workspace experience.
  • Deep metrics around logon initiation and duration to identify majority of slowness issues quickly.
  • Analysis of Citrix ICA/HDX or VMware Horizon’s PCoIP/Blast protocols to quickly identify user behavior impacts to performance.


  • Routinely schedule and automate real user logons to proactively launch applications and capturing snapshot evidence of the entire logon process to identify performance issues.
  • Options for on-demand remediation when common issues are discovered.
  • Historical reports and analytics enable identification of permanent resolutions to prevent similar problems occurring in the future.

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