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Passwordless, strong authentication for Cloud Workspaces

VeridiumID delivers passwordless authentication for Cloud Workspaces, VDI and DaaS. Replace passwords and/or legacy OTP Token technology for user authentication. Enhancing security and user experience at a reduced operating costs for organisations. 

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Product Details

The VeridiumID software-only platform has a front-end mobile SDK. So it introduces a variety of explicit and implicit biometric authenticators in your own applications.  The mobile SDK is also available via our VeridiumID app. VeridiumID is designed around our proprietary biometrics. So it integrates with any native or 3rd-party biometric.


Passwordless,  MultiFactor authentication. 

Eliminating passwords increased security and improved employee engagement. Flexibile authentication solution allows organisations or individuals to decide how they authenticate to Enterprise applications and services. VeridiumID makes it simple to provide both multi-factor and step-up authentication through a single, easy-to-use platform. Therefore, combining who you are (your biometrics), what you have ( within your phone), you can deploy multiple layers of authentication. All through a single device.

You can choose where you store biometric data based on your needs. For example, biometrics can be stored using a distributed data model. As a result, shards of encrypted biometric data can be placed in multiple places. Or you can store it one place.

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