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Zoom VDI Media Plugin

Elevated Experiences and Customized Workflows with Zoom

Zoom’s media plugin improves audio and video quality and reduces load on the virtual host when used in conjunction with the Zoom for VDI client.

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Product Details

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a server-based computing model that allows you to deliver a desktop image over a network to an endpoint device. Users can then access the operating system (OS) and applications on that endpoint. Endpoints may include PCs, thin clients, or mobile devices. The potential benefits to using VDI include data protection, better support for remote workers and the ability to keep older machines in service longer.

The Zoom application can be used with Citrix or VMWare VDI solutions and can be delivered to a thin client. 


The corresponding IGEL OS 11 firmware with the fully integrated Zoom VDI plugin (initially for Citrix) can be downloaded via https://www.igel.com/software-downloads/workspace-edition/ and there under OS 11. Please make sure to use the latest / first listed version (11.04.100 and later). 

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